‘Who the hell is Jilly Ballistic?’

Over the past few weeks, New York subways have been stung by a thought-provoking display of street art, with the question, ‘Who the hell is Jilly Ballistic?’. No one is quite sure, but the provocative displays are getting people talking. Using OS warning pop-ups from computers and taking them from the virtual world and installing them into reality, Ballistic uses satire to attack 21st Century consumerism and culture, adorning billboard advertisements with lines such as “We’re sorry, the product you are looking for is currently under maintenance due to a lack of quality.” Whether this is a new Banksy in the making is questionable, but whoever this Jilly Ballistic is, they’re getting people thinking in a place where thought is often shrouded by dullness.

Check out the Tumblr created for ‘New York City’s most well-known unknown street artist’: http://jillyballistic.tumblr.com/

Words By Elspeth Merry



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