Volatile street art on Brick Lane

If you prefer Peaches to Picasso, or London Fields to the Louvre, we think this may be for you.

Street-wise company Alternative LDN’s latest venture manifests itself in the form of trawling creativity-conscious tourists through East London’s graffiti encrusted alleys and paint-splashed cobbles.

With its fetchingly dilapidated warehouses and crumbling corniced facades, Brick Lane and its environs make the perfect canvas for artists to let loose street art in disconcerting, ridiculous, brilliant ways.

It’s an opportunity for political outlet too, with works along the way encompassing statements on everything from sex and drugs to books and politics.

The tour guides, rather than being obnoxious and khaki-shorted, or rectangular and electronic, are London street artists themselves, inevitably with inside information on this kaleidoscopically creative art form.

Schedule and pricing for the tour can be found on the Alternative LDN Website 

Words by Dylan B Jones




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