Victor&Rolf reimagines sustainable fashion for Zalando

Viktor & Rolf collaborate with Zalando with a limited 17-piece capsule collection for Spring/Summer 18 using recycled materials – creating something very unique and unexpectedly twisted. RE:CYCLE entails pieces from T-shirts, Skirts, Dresses, Trousers, Jeans and more all ranging from £50 to £250.

A short film has been created especially to capture the two creatives’ journey of designing and transforming the recycled and overstocked materials of Zalando into something extraordinay and memoriable.

Viktor&Rolf says, “For us, Haute Couture has always been a laboratory for experimental. With our past Haute Couture collections, we have explored creative recycling methods: new, artistic ways to re-use elements from the past to create something new. For instance, fabrics from our own archive of 20 years were woven and patch-worked into new materials and volumes; and fragments of existing cocktail and evening wear from the 20th century were surrealistically reassembled to create new, unexpected shapes. With our upcoming collaboration with Zalando, we are excited to bring fourth this spirit of sustainable fashion in a bold accessible way by breathing new life into forgotten garments.”

To give this an unexpected twist, Zalando also teamed up with London-based talent development platform Mastered, to engage its community of emerging creatives to re-interpret the thread of transformation which underlines the collaboration with Viktor&Rolf, re-imagined from their individual perspectives.

Five photographers and their respective teams of creatives received a unique T-shirt from Viktor&Rolf’s atelier, a sneak peak into the collab and were tasked with shooting an editorial. The result is five diverse editorials by emerging creatives around Europe, as well as a short film that explains the collaboration and interviews Viktor&Rolf on their partnership with Zalando.

The limited-edition V&R collection collaboration with Zalando will be available to purchase on February 1st on

Words by Sarah Grace



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