Tyler Shields makes his directorial debut…

Acclaimed LA-based photographer and artist Tyler Shields’s hotly anticipated feature directorial debut is fast approaching.

The 30-year-old Tyler, hailed as the new Banksy and adored by the young A-list elite for his wonderfully twisted and macabre subject matter, has been wrapping up filming and putting the finishing touches on his new thriller, Final Girl. Famed for his controversial and often violent work in the past, including portraits of Lindsay Lohan brandishing a gun and Glee star Heather Morris with a black eye, Shields’s new project is bound to attract a lot of attention, to say the least.

Set for release in 2013, the film sees a group of feral teenage lads who choose the wrong girl to be part of their final ‘initiation’. The film is currently being shot in Vancouver with Oscar nominated actress Abigail Breslin and other stars including Hunger Games’s Wes Bentley and Alexander Ludwig and Vampire Diaries’s Michael Trevino.

These exclusive images released by Tyler himself show star of the show Abigail looking angelically pretty, to a disillusioning degree, as Abigail’s character turns out to be not quite the sweetheart they all expected.

Shields originally got his foot in the industry door making music videos before his meteoric rise to fame as a world-renowned photographer for his work in the art and celebrity form. Despite his global success, many artists and stars have appeared reluctant to work with him, which probably has something to do with his penchant for violent and bloody artistic themes, one could assume.

In 2011, he collected blood from twenty celebrities for a body of work entitled Life Is Not A Fairytale, exhibited in Los Angeles, which again featured Lindsay Lohan, this time as a gothic vampire.

We’re very much looking forward, not only to the film, but to seeing the public reaction to a work which promises to be every bit the ‘thriller’ Tyler suggests…

Words by Flora Hughes-Onslow



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