Tom Hiddleston teams with UNICEF in a fan-interactive charity mission

Next week, our Shining Issue cover star, blockbuster lothario Tom Hiddleston, will be trading cameras for camping equipment. In partnership with non-profit organisation UNICEF, he’ll be trekking and doing charity work across remote, exotic terrain as one of their high profile supporters.

This means that all the while he’ll be documenting his exploits and ordeals in the form of video blogging, diary writing, and direct interaction with his Twitter followers, for the entirety of the trip in real time. The location will remain undisclosed until he gets there, but we’re hoping it’s somewhere hot and tropical. He’d really suit the bandana and machete look.

The hashtag for all trip messages will be: #Tom_UnicefUK
Twitter accounts to follow are @twhiddleston & @unicef_uk

Words by Dylan B Jones



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