Technology-Youth Soviet Illustrations

Associating post-war Soviet Russia with bright and whimsical technological visions crafted by an astute imagination might seem surprising to some, but Technology-Youth Magazine (Tehnika-Molodehzi) first published in 1933 and still going today, has inspired young Russians for generations, tenderly convincing them into a career in the sciences. Considered a genuine science magazine and not just a comic, many of Russia’s top scientists have featured in the magazine and stimulated young minds. But for us, it is the remarkable vibrant illustrations of futuristic flight and looking into the wider world that has captured the eye. Each of these eccentric images was used for the front cover of Technology-Youth, and exhibits the prominent parallels to American Culture, with the anticipation of the space race paramount.

Take a look at some of these inspiring vintage images from the 1930s to 1970s:


Words by Elspeth Merry



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