Printworks 002: 25 Years of RAM Records

As the days get shorter, the skies get darker, and autumn well and truly transitions into winter, summer 2017 is now a distant and glistening memory. But whilst festival season is out, a plethora of impressive and exciting line-ups are now in full throttle in the UK’s capital. What are we talking about? Printworks Issue 002 of course. Last weekend we headed to South East London’s biggest and best club venue for 25 Years of RAM Records. Unsurprisingly, we were blown away.

Photos by Gobinder Jhitta

Formerly one of Europe’s largest printing presses, the gigantic warehouse venue is London’s answer to world famous super club Berghain, and a welcome and refreshing new addition to London’s club scene. The set-up and running of the event was flawless. From queuing (or lack of), lockers (instead of cloakroom), signposts, bars, smoking area, everything. It was a seamless affair which meant our attention could be fully focussed on the more pressing matter: partying.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon to virtually no queue as the venue was already packed to the rafters. Tickets has sold out far in advance and there was a waiting list of over 400 on ticket swapping websites. Walking into the smoking area it was apparent how diverse the crowd was – from back-in-the-day die hard original Ram Records fans, to new school teens. As we headed upstairs to the main room, passing the odd Halloween fancy dresser, it was oddly quiet due to Printworks’ major soundproofing. But as we reached the top of the stairs and turned a corner, we were hit with a tsunami of sound, pulsating through an unreal sound system.

Lasers flew through the air, rising and falling above the crowd, against a huge luminous RAM logo suspended in the air. Musically, the entire 10 hours were incredible and the energetic crowd never lulled. Standout sets came from Calyx & Teebee, Rene Lavice and of course the final set by founder of RAM Records Andy C, hosted my Tonn Piper.

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