Pikachu, Paris and tie dye // Alec Weitl’s Sexy Sweaters

Alec Weitl’s sweater designs are an anachronistic amalgamation of tongue-in-cheek pop culture pandering, and superbly edgy tack.

Under the fitting title of Sexy Sweaters, the concept has stormed the internet, demanding cult adulation with their surreal imagery; Paris Hilton pouts from whirling tie die, Pikachu humps hipster triangle outlines and dolphins caper among dollar bills. We want to wear one to a warehouse party and sniff haughtily when Mischa Barton asks if she can try it on.

We love his dazzling designs so much we decided to ask him all about them. He sent us a picture of himself licking a Furby (above), and gave us some slightly cryptic insight into the inspiration behind it all.

Hi Alec. We really, really want one of your sweaters. How do we get our hands on one?
Make a magical wish to Santa that they’ll be on sale by Christmas 🙂

What’s the creative process behind them?
I’ll see a picture on tumblr that I like and then I put it on a sweater with Photoshop and it goes from there!

How did the concept all materialise?
It all started one magical evening when I was on the internet. I saw a couple pictures of sweaters with all over prints that Alex Gibson photoshopped. And I was like, “Hey! I could do that.” So guess what, I did.

What sweater are you wearing right now?
I’m wearing this grey hoodie that has an orca on it haha. It’s so not hot.

Who’s your favourite designer?
Well, me. My second favourite is Alexander McQueen…my third favourite right now is Versace.

Weed or money?
Weed if it’s in plant form (then I can always have some to sell), but if it’s just buds then I would choose money.

Hamburger or cheeseburger?
Veggie burger definitely. I’ve never had the cow kind.

Paris or Lindsay?
Paris, because she got famous faster. It was like overnight. I love Lindsay though, they’re really both iconic.

If you were a Pokemon which would you be?
I would be Charizard because I’m a magnificent fire dragon with magical abilities.

What does the future hold for Alec Weitl?
Spiritual ascension. Creating music. Designing clothes. Parties. Pokemon.

Thanks Alec!
No probs! <3333

For more information and to see more designs, click here
Words by Dylan B Jones



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