New video from the extravagantly named Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

On Ariel Pink’s Facebook page, their genre is listed as “World Goth”. Immediately we’re picturing green-haired girls lunching al-fresco in Venice, or Pete Wentz getting his Vans dirty hacking through jungle undergrowth in Colombia.

Despite, or perhaps because of the phrase’s incongruity, it sums up this unorthodox music venture in a vexingly perfect way. In the new video for Only In My Dreams, the befittingly pink-haired Ariel Pink stumbles around grimy hives of debauched Americana, arm in arm with a kaleidoscopic slew of young women of various shapes and colours. Our favourite is the blonde in the polka dot top, who looks a bit like Lady Gaga if she shopped at George at Asda.

The song too is satisfyingly bizarre and, really, a little genre-less. No bad thing, in fact potentially a very good thing. If anything it’s a hark to modern or alt rock; all those fop-haired skinny jeaned lads like The Vines or The Shins or The Postal Service who sing about connecting with your soul and probably had a guest performance on The O.C. at some point, Marissa Cooper in the front row swaying and slurping a mojito.

Only In My Dreams is the first single from Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s album Mature Themes, out now.

Words by Dylan B Jones 



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