Nando’s Launches free-to-use music studio in Soho Restaurant

Nando’s restaurant in Soho, recording studio 6 December 2017

If you are fanatic about a cheeky Nandos and completely obsessed with music then you’re in for a treat with this PERi-tastic news. In celebration for Nando’s Music Exchange entering its fourth year – a programme which inspires the exchange of global influences through mentoring, workshops and explosive events – Nando’s have launched a new free-to-use recording studio within the heart of Soho. Opened 5 days a week, it offers high tech professional equipment for upcoming producers, artists and DJs who’s ready to spice up their music careers as well as providing music workshops run by industry experts and artists throughout the year, seeing the likes of Stormzy and Ella Eyre.

‘We’re really excited to open our first music space, both for our growing network of artists but also for our fans looking for a unique experience in restaurant. Some of the best ideas have started over PERi-PERi (or so we’re told), so we’re looking forwards to hearing what happens when we bring together chicken and tunes’

What better way to eat your ‘Sunset Burger’ whilst vibing to your own music… surely this can’t get any better than that?

To apply click this link:

 Words by Sarah Grace



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