Missguided – Keep On Being You Campaign

Missguided champion female empowerment and embracing the within, regardless of your look, height and ethnicity.

 Continuing on from the ‘Keep On Being You’ Campaign (), Missguided’s latest ambassadors Chiara Bordi and Shelby Lynch, a young model and a beauty and lifestyle blogger,speak out about their take on the campaign and how the decide to embody the power of individuality and being confident in your own skin.

Chiara Bordi (@chiarabordi_) says, “I used my disability and turned it into a positive purpose and now I have proven to myself that I can conquer the same goals as someone who didn’t go through the same incident as me, including sports and modelling. I think it’s really important to promote my body because it’s an issue I have to live with for the rest of my life and there’s nothing more important than loving ourselves. I believe you can’t live well if you don’t love yourself and your body before anything else.”

Shelby Lynch (@shelbykinsxo), “#KEEPONBEINGYOU means to be confident in your own skin, and not letting anyone in life tell you that you can’t do anything. It’s important for the fashion industry to have diversity, because everyone needs someone that represents them… if everyone looked the same it would be boring!”

Go check out the full interviews with the girls here: https://blog.missguided.co.uk/babezine/keeponbeingyou-shelby/

Words by Sarah Grace



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