Midsommar Weekender

Nightlife pioneers Absolut and GFC partner to host the Midsommar Weekender, a brand new boutique festival in Åhus, Sweden

– Featuring performances by Floating Points, El Perro Del Mar, Flyte, Zebra Katz –

Think of the ultimate party, where the sun never sets and anything can happen; Absolut partners with Swedish festival pioneers GFC for the first ever Midsommar Weekender – a three day boutique festival that takes the traditions and rituals of midsommar and gives them a stylish twist to create the ultimate nightlife experience.

Taking place from 23rd – 25th June 2017, the intimate festival will bring contemporary music, food, mindfulness and lifestyle to Swedish and international festival guests on a unique journey through midsommar in the magical surroundings of Ovesholms Slott in Åhus, Sweden.

Midsommar Weekender takes the age-old Swedish tradition and fills it with new, exciting energy. Creating a modern progressive take on this important Swedish celebration of the longest day of the year, Midsommar Weekender opens the doors for people all over the world to come and experience the proudest and most unique Swedish holiday.

The music line up so far includes: Floating Points [UK], El Perro Del Mar [GB], Zebra Katz [US] and Flyte [UK]. To give the classic tradition of Midsommar a burst of new energy, choreographer Jerome Marchand will interpret the classic Midsommar maypole dance. Performance artist Angela Wand will guide festival visitors through a Midsommar lunch for 1,000 guests. In addition, the live music will be accompanied by activities such as flower crown making workshops, a drinks lab, tarot sessions and restorative yoga.

Artists ready for the Midsommar Weekender (more to come):

Floating Points [Solo Live, UK]

A neuroscientist by day, Dj/Producer/Composer by night, Floating Points knows no boundaries when it comes to creativity and expression. Classically trained from a young age and with a strong passion for Jazz, Floating Points has progressed into one of the world’s most exciting producers, as well as one of the club scenes leading Dj’s. At Midsommar Weekender Floating Points will perform his new solo live set. 

El Perro Del Mar [SE]

Last fall, El Perro Del Mar (a music project by Sarah Assbring) released albumKoKoro, her most ambitious and musically adventurous album to date, covering themes that speak to both big and small matters of the heart. With soundscapes that echo of Thailand, Sumatra, India, Ethiopia, and China, the orchestration of ‘KoKoro’ is unlike 

any of El Perro Del Mar’s previous releases. It features the Chinese string instrument Guzheng, the Japanese Shakuhachi flute, Asian flutes, Arabic strings, Dulcimer, and rhythms influenced by Ethiopian music.

Zebra Katz [US]

Zebra Katz is the alias of multifaceted artist Ojay Morgan. Inspired by Nina Simone, Andre 3000, Missy Elliot and Lauryn Hill, Zebra Katz has cultivated a signature and unique presence all his own. He has made waves with his music since the release of his highly acclaimed first single “Ima Read” and has shared the stage with everyone from Diplo to Scissor Sisters, audiences around the world flock to his concerts. Not to be missed!

Flyte [UK]

The band spent the first few months of 2017 in Australia, where they completed their debut album along with ‘Courtney Barnett’ producer Burke Reid. In recent years they have released indie anthems such ad “We Are The Rain”, “Closer Together” and “Light Me Up” and reached over one million Spotify streams. Last year the band Will Taylor (vocals) and Sam Berridge (keyboard) covered Joni Mitchells song River on Facebook. This heart-wrenching interpretation kicked off a Flyte-movement, leaving fans wanting more. Their debut album will be released this year.

More news:

A never ending feast of summer flavours hosted by Party-General Angela Wand

Foodies have just as much to look forward to as music fans. The traditional lunch is an important part of the midsommar celebration and therefore also of Midsommar Weekender. Together with your one thousand new friends you will enjoy a traditional smörgåsbord containing a selection of classic Swedish dishes, shared at a long communal table before continuing with the nights celebrations. The lunch will be hosted by the talented Angela Wand – actor, comedian, writer, circus artist, director – ensuring guests are well fed as well as entertained.

One of the coolest traditions you’ve never heard of

The Swedish midsommar celebration is sprung from pagan rituals of ancient times and is connected to the summer solstice and celebrates fertility. One of the traditions during this important holiday for Swedes is to dance around a maypole. Choreographer Jerome Marchand; a rock star in the ballet world, will be joined by a dance company to create a modern interpretation of the classic Midsommar dance when the maypole is raised, continuing into the night.

Party and relax in the beautiful Swedish countryside

Absolut has been crafted with passion in Åhus in the south of Sweden since 1879. In this small region, Local Countess, Alexandra Hamilton, has offered the beautiful Castle of Ovesholm with its boundless fields, medieval barns, and stone buildings as the setting for Midsommar Weekender, creating a unique backdrop for a festival, rooted in the same history as Absolut. The Yoga Festival at Midsommar Weekender will be a chill zone and a place for recovery. A simple but physically demanding yoga session to evocative music that requires full presence in the moment will give participants a chance to look inward and recharge, setting them up perfectly to take in the festival to the fullest.

Flower crown workshop and tarot session

Midsommar Weekender brings a touch of funky street style inspired by Scandinavian minimalism in crisp summer white. The dress code is simple – trade your usual garb for a full-on white get up, topped off with a crown of flowers on your hair. A florist will be on hand, hosting flower crown making workshops with tips and advice for creating a stunning Midsommar wreath to complete your attire. For extra tips and advice, look no further than tarot card reader Linda Spåman who will be on hand to add to the magic that surrounds Midsommar Eve.

Summer cocktails

It isn’t an Absolut experience without amazing drinks. Midsommar Weekender cocktails are all about refreshing serves that are perfect for the night of the year when the sun never sets. In addition to classics like the Elderflower Collins, guests will also be able to learn to how to mix their own personal concoctions at the Absolut Drinks Lab.

More info about the festival:

Organizer: Grandin Flying Circus + Partners

Capacity: 1000 visitors

Location: Ovesholm Castle and its surroundings

Activities: Concerts and club, workshops and talks, yoga, run club, etc.

Tickets: Sold in the form of various packages. The packages include entry, breakfast on both mornings, the great common Midsommar lunch and accommodation at the festival glamping area – from £354 per person to £760 per person depending on comfort level.

Find out more and purchase tickets at midsommarweekender.com



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