Lost Village Festival 2017

Lost Village Festival (24-27th August) is back upon us for a third time, with a line-up that teases as much as it bangs. In a late-in-the-year slot, the Lincolnshire-based festival will please electronic music fans who consider themselves to in the know.

Boasting bass-music legends such as Dixon, Nina Kraviz and Move D, Lost Village do not bow to pass-through trends, but they’re not scared of shwocasing new talent either: the bookings of Aprés, Shy Luv and Fakear stand as testament to that.

For ardent electronic-music connoisseurs there the headline booking of Moderat will tantalise. The Apparat-Modeselektor supergroup are performing in the UK for the last time for a considerable period – perhaps, forever – which for many village-goers will the pinnacle of the weekend.

Ostensibly a festival based in an abandoned woodland village, that promises to be “much more than a music festival” more a “land of discovery”, Lost Village will be an holistic experience before anything else.

There are Lakes of Tranquility, complete with hot-tubs, saunas and therapy pods, a line up of comedy at the Lost Theatre and a seperate hospitality line-up boasting a global variety of street food which promises to sell ‘Michelin star level food’.

At the end of last year, Jaymo and Andy George, curators of the festival said: “Next year is gonna be a whole other level, we’re going all out on this one! Bigger line-up, a deeper more intense experience with tons more characters lurking in the woods!”

It certainly looks like they weren’t lying. At 1883, we can’t wait to get there.

Click here to check out a Lost Village festival playlist, curated by Boxed In.

Moiré – Lost You feat. DRS
“I like the feel of this, it reminds of some of the old Bugz In The Attic broken beat tracks by Artwork and Seiji etc.. I was actually introduced this by George Fitzgerald. DRS’s vocal feels kind of unique in this setting. The whole album has a really specific moody vibe to it. This track stands out.”

Tomaga – Greetings From The Bitter End
“Tomaga are such an interesting band. The drummer is a girl called Valentina Magaletti, one of the best drummer’s around at the moment. They’re a two piece and are very much ploughing their own path. There’s a bit of Portishead and Can in there, but ultimately it’s percussive psych rock done in their own way.”

Motor City Drum Ensemble – There’s A Truth
“I DJ’d at Glastonbury this year, closing a stage at Shangri-La, 3am – 5am Monday Morning. It was hard deciding what to pick to play people who’d been partying for 4 days non stop. This is a nice track that bridged the gap between a few of the disco bangers. The whole record, Raw Cuts, is a nice listen. Maybe a bit too heavy a nod to Moodymann and Theo, but good nonetheless.

Nicolas Jaar – Three Sides Of Nazareth
“This track touches on many of my favourite styles of music. It’s got the nod to German electronic psych rhythms, Jaar’s classic deep gothy vocal style, and those synths. I listened to this record a lot while finishing the last Boxed In album.”

Moderat – Finder
“Really happy these guys are headlining Lost Village. I actually only saw them for the first time live at Glastonbury this year, but have followed them a while. The live show was incredible, visually and sonically. Their drum production pierces through in such a unique way.

Talaboman – Loser’s Hymn
“The whole album, The Night Land, carries a really trippy weight to it. This track in particular has a great psychy mood to it. It feels fit for outdoor listening, music for free parties, music for the hills or the forests.”

Flamingods – Junglebirds
“These guys were by far the best live act I’ve seen this summer. At the Crow’s Nest, a tiny tent at the top of Glastonbury, they played an hour of insane, psychedelic, instrument swapping grooves that borrowed from so many different cultures and genres. And somehow managed to make it cohesive and make it their own. You have to see them if you can.”

Floating Points – Kelso Dunes
“His latest release ‘Reflections, Mojave Desert’ is another step in the direction towards live instrumentation. There’s still the bed of electronics that his older more house and techno tracks are bathed in, but this has gone more “bandy”. I love this track, it’s got a Neu, almost Pink Floyd vibe to it. I still absolutely love his house tracks, but it’s interesting to watch him make bold steps with every new release.”

Carsten Jost – Platoon RLX II
“I’ve only come across him recently, been listening to the album this comes from – Perishable Tactics – a lot. Really nice, subtle deep techno. It’s got a bit of Aphex Ambient Works to it and also reminds me of french techno producer Isoleé.”

Loyle Carner – Florence feat. Kwes
“Really happy to see Loyle get added to the line up for Lost Village. This is my favourite down time track. Both Ben (Loyle) & Kwes are lovely guys and their vocal styles and production work so well together.”

Words by Dan Cave.



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