Inventive new material from indie lads I Dream In Colour

I Dream In Colour are a fresh-faced bunch of indie rock lads, branching out from their South East routes to enjoy rapidly snowballing success.

Their music video for evocative new single “London” was released today, and portrays a diverting premise – the entire 3 minutes 32 seconds features close-ups of skin art. Incomprehensibly intricate etchings of people, animals and scenery are drawn onto lead vocalist Richard Judge’s skin, using a black pen.

Artful representations of Saint Paul’s Cathedral and affectionate couple are juxtaposed with freckles and chest hair, making for a startlingly vivid visual experience. Paired with Judge’s candid, breathy vocals, the effect is emotive. Rather than waxing lyrical about our much-lauded capital, “London”, interestingly, is intended to be representative of loneliness.

It is set for release on 21st May.

Words by Dylan B. Jones




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