Introducing Elephant

London duo Elephant have been slowly making whimsical waves in the dream-pop world with Amelia Rivas’ fragile vocals pieced together by Christian Pinchbeck on guitar and electronics. Last month they released track Golden, a synth triumph of jazzy percussion and quirky, echoed lyrics. And last year through Memphis Industries, Elephant released several tracks, all with an ethereal, let’s lie in fields together and stare at the sky feel.

The duo met in 2010,and cite French Hip-hop and 80’s disco as influences, and say their musical genre is ‘Nocturnal Lo-Fi Bedroom Dreamy Beach Pop’. Indeed, track Golden transports you to a euphoric place, Golden in fact, with love sick lyrics and wistful guitars.

The bands Facebook bio reads simply: ‘A conclusion that songwriting and documentation should only be accomplished by the turn of night, and should never leave comfort and safety of the bedroom,’ which makes one wonder what goes on in those dark evening sessions, with Rivas’ voice echoing into the night.

You can’t help but get caught up in Elephants quirk and their dreamy-pop vision whilst sounding like a Brit Beach House, and putting a modern upbeat twist on that shoegazing thing. If Elephant intrigue your ears and make you dream of the French Riviera, you can listen to and buy their tracks from their website: …They won’t disappoint.

Golden by elephanttheband

Words By Elspeth Merry



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