Introducing Aldous R.H.


Aldous R.H, or interestingly introduced to us as Alexander Aldous Robinson Hewett of Egyptian Hip Hop, releases his debut album ‘MISC. DISC’ on September 4th on limited 12” vinyl by ENFER Records, a venture from Is Topical frontman Simon Milner.

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Aldous R.H from the confines of his home, MISC. DISC was recorded in under a month and takes influence from (Paul) McCartney II and other home recording legends Gary Wilson and Ariel Pink.

The first track from the album, Love Is Inside You, is reminiscent of new romantic 80s; but an experimental, psychedelic marvel, also described as amorphous and lucid pop music. Aldous’ sound is striking and alluring, leaving you completely intrigued by this obscure character.

You can see Aldous R.H. play at Roadhouse on September 7th and Islington Mill on September 22nd.

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Words by Elspeth Merry



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