Fourth Plinth – Elmgren & Dragset

Trafalgar Square has a new resident, and he happens to be on a rocking horse.  Modeled after equestrian statues, Elmgren & Dragset’s “Powerless Structures Fig. 101” offers a more human sculpture for the Fourth Plinth.  Commissioned by the Mayor of London with backing by Arts Council England and Louis Vuitton, the statue is the eighth contemporary piece commissioned for the Fourth Plinth Programme, which aims to stimulate dialogue through art in London’s public spaces.  In contrast from its more classic neighbors, “Powerless Structures Fig. 101” could be your younger brother set in bronze, elevating the child to a heroic icon and praising youth as an iconography in itself. In an age where we grow up too fast and remember too few, the Fourth Plinth reminds us that every moment is monumental.

Words by Natalee Ranii-Dropcho



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