Bunsmiths @ Sebright Arms

In need of some proper heartwarming comfort food? Then look no further than the Sebright Arms.

The pub is known for its extensive list of all things beers and ale, as well as being a firm fixture on the music scene, but the pub just off Hackney Road is on our radar for a whole different reason. The Sebright Arms has just welcomed Bunsmiths into its fold, a new venture which will undoubtedly appease the appetite of music and food lovers alike.

 If you’re wondering what Bunsmiths is all about, you’ll find the clue in the name. The menu consists of slow-cooked goodness served…in a bun. There’s the Pulled Pork bun, made of 12-hour apple wood smoked pork and then there’s the Beef Brisket bun, which got a 10-hour treatment. The meat is piled high in a brioche bun, along with liberal amounts of tasty chipotle mayo and BBQ sauce. There’s also chicken and, for non meat-eaters, a veggie option. So whilst the menu may not be the largest, there should certainly be enough to keep everyone happy.

And yes, there is a burger on the menu, but with all the slow-cooked options available, Bunsmiths make a refreshing change from your usual ‘burger & chips’ pub fare. We certainly recommend you step out of the burger box on this one.

It’s a decent price – £12 will get you a bun and a side. And the sides are good, particularly the rather fine onion rings. In short, it is the place to go for a no-fuss meal, accompanied by a pint or two, of course…we’re talking the Sebright Arms here after all.

Words by Ginger Clark



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