Artist Jacob Everett’s Biro Portraits

South East London artist Jacob Everett’s new project featuring portraits of homeless subjects will be on display at Urban Outfitters tomorrow in Brighton, with the completed exhibition taking place in Harrogate in November.

Everett started a foundation course at Central St Martin’s before moving to Leeds to work as a freelance artist and illustrator. Everett distinctly creates large-scale portraits using a unique biro technique. He uses “overlapping marks which gradually build facial contours, and close up appear as thousands of tiny pixels.”

Jacob has produced portraits of famous faces such as John Cooper-Clarke, Wayne Rooney, Biggie Smalls and Dave Grohl. Currently based in Brighton, his commissions have included a mural at South London hangout Amersham Arms and several of his works have been on display in Urban Outfitters stores across England.

In Jacob’s current exhibition he felt inspired to document the lives of people who would otherwise be overlooked. “I became aware of a whole section of society who could go through life entirely unnoticed; I felt inspired to whose documented lives, in photographs, certificates and souvenirs had often been left behind in homes they had abandoned for a variety of reasons.”

Here are a few of our favourite portraits Jacob has produced:

biro on paper from Jacob Everett on Vimeo.

Visit Jacob’s website for more information and to buy prints:

Words by Elspeth Merry





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