All Points East – Stefflon Don, Lorde, The XX

As the name suggests, we trudged our way over to the deep east of London to catch the vibes of All Points East festival, showcasing an eclectic melting pot of artists on the Saturday; from Stefflon Don to The XX.

Photo by Jordan Curtis Hughes

It took us a while to get our bearings as the stages are so far apart from one another but we managed it, and around every corner was a new stage surprise!

Here’s our top three act rundown from the Saturday!

We kicked the day off with Stefflon Don who in our eyes set the pace for the day, she was vibrant, bold, forward and choreographed to perfection.

Announcing to the crowds that she was in fact a Hackney local, it seemed all the more poignant, and she absolutely stole the show despite the mixed audience and it being a late afternoon timing.

Photo by Jordan Curtis Hughes

Her dance squad elevated her high-impact, bounce around, catchy and female-forward set including 16 shots, Wobble and Hurtin’ Me.

We took a stroll over to Lorde later in the evening, not skipping the Halloumi Fries truck of course. The food was in general a tad on the pricey side but overall delicious and considerably gourmet.

Lorde delivered and completed an extensive set of most of her two albums, including the highlights Royals and Green Light, all done in a suitably edgy, curtain-esqe twinset dress and raincoat. Her gratitude towards the audience was palpable and she seemed to take it well when half of the audience stampeded towards the main-stage for The XX finisher.

Photo by Santiago FelipeĀ 

The XX was a pure love breeding ground with mass hugging and swaying in the audience and a surreal feel-good one big group vibe amongst the viewers as if reunited for the ultimate headliner.

As the thunder cracked throughout the sky, it did nothing but amplify the ambient, heartfelt, lazer show which The XX had fostered. Throwing in samplers from anthems got the crowds singing along in unison. We adored every spiritual second of the set, especially after they confirmed rightly so to us that London is in fact ‘the best city in the world’.


Words by Simran Samra.





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