All female design team re-imagines Two of Nike’s Cult Classic Silhouettes

Nike unveil a new collection created by 14 of the most diverse, talented and strong-minded women, Re-imagining, Re-working and Re-creating two of the most iconic silhouettes of Nike – the Nike Air Force 1 and the Air Jordan 1. The two staple shoes took the basketball world by storm, used by players of all backgrounds on the court for high endurance, power and style.

The 14 women make up a team filled with diverse skillets: colourists, materialists and footwear designers. All come together to create one of the best, minimalistic and sophisticated shoe collection for 2018.

The collection entails 10 unique footwear pieces all in white, AF1 SAGE XX, AJ1 SAGE XX, AF1 REBEL XX, AJ1 REBEL XX, AF1 JESTER XX, AJ1 JESTER XX, AF1 EXPLORER XX, AF1 LOVER XX AND AJ1 LOVER XX; which includes slips ons, lace ups, zip ups, straps, mesh and cutouts.

Words by Sarah Grace



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