1883 Introducing: Jake Bugg

It’s that time of the week where 1883 scout out some musical fresh meat and this week it comes in the package of talented teen, Jake Bugg.  He might be 17 and he might have a face as fresh as Beiber’s but Bugg’s music is propelled into galaxies far beyond his years – and era for that matter.

The spirit of Dylan, Hendrix and Don Mclean stream through the arteries of his sound which sways from being soulfully arresting to spine-tinglingly rhythmic and dry.  Songs about girls, friendship and coming of age saw the upbeat troubadour scooped up by Mercury early this year following a stella performance at Glastonbury.

Embarking on his musical adventure aged 12, check out his blistering debut track Trouble Town below and get your FREE download here! (Thanks Jake!)

Words by Rowan Newman



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