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Elliott Erwitt and Havana Club announce ‘The Elliott Erwitt Havana Club 7 Fellowship’

Many say a good photographer is able to encourage their subjects to lower their guard, to show what is truly inside them in a single image. Good rum can also have a similar effect, allowing drinkers to loosen up a little and enjoy life that little bit more. It’s no wonder then that the drink plays an important part in Cuban heritage and is unique to its culture and lifestyle.

And just as the nations favourite and timeless drink will forever capture the national spirit in a bottle, so too will Magnum photographer Elliot Erwitt in his striking new documentary images.

With Cuba’s history facing a pivotal change in the present day, it is now – over five decades laterErwitt returns to the country to curate a new body of work to stand alongside his original shots of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

Not only are Erwitt’s new selections of images significant in the history they capture, but his work also paves a future for aspiring photographers following in his footsteps. His new body of work is the foundation to launch ‘The Elliott Erwitt Havana Club 7 Fellowship’.

This award will benefit one exceptionally talented photographer and present the chance for them to travel to Cuba in order to tell their own story through the lens, with the fellowship having an annual €25,000 funding from Havana Club, along with the proceeds of the limited edition sales of original images from Elliott’s new collection.

Photographer lovers can view the limited edition collection during the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam between 18th -20th September, before being made available for sale in a limited edition.

With the power of this poignant partnership between two cultural pillars, ‘The Elliott Erwitt Havana Club 7 Fellowship’ will ensure that the legacy of Cuba’s culture will never be lost, even if it’s history is rewritten.

Words by Bella Roach

Tourne De Transmission x Kickers x Nixon SS16

“WE THE IGNORANT YOUTH” Tourne de transmission SS16 – London Collections Men from Tourne de Transmission on Vimeo.

The fashion industry might be gearing up for London Fashion Week next month, but who could forget the stellar Collections? The sun was shining, the boys were out to play and a new crop of designers were making their stamp.

Tourne de transmission was one design house who outshone the rest with their cowboy cool aesthetic. Impeccable crafstmanship, laidback tailoring…this was simplicity in its element.

Following on from the successful reception of their first presentation, Tourne de transmission have now premiere a brand new video detailing the varying collaborations from SS16.

Premium watch and accessories label Nixon provided personalised time pieces that aided in the neo-classic aesthetic that the collection presented. Footwear giant Kickers also teamed up with TDT – reimagining an archive model, the Dinku, and offering it in the monochrome pallete that was threaded throughout the garments.

The labels were careful bought together with the SS16 line under the experienced eye of famed buffalo-movement stylist Barry Kamen.

Fashion East Line Up Unveiled

The Fashion East show during London Fashion Week is always a highlight for the team. Showcasing emerging talent for the past 15 years, the Fashion East initiative – launched by Lulu Kennedy MBE and The Old Truman Brewery in 2000 – is responsible for promoting many well known designers we all lust after today: Jonathan Saunders, House of Holland, Roksanda Ilincic … the list could go on.

Caitlin Price

Today they unveiled the new line up for the Spring/Summer 2016 season. MA graduate Caitlin Price, returns after her debut in February with aplomb and is joined by two new names. Richard Malone, winner of the LVMH scholarship prize emerges with cow boy boots and frayed and flared denim.

Richard Malone

The final designer of the line up, This is The Uniform by Goldsmiths graduate Jenna Young, makes her catwalk debut with conceptual functional.

This is The Uniform

Fashion East Director Lulu Kennedy MBE: “There is a freshness to this season’s lineup; all 3 designers are strong-minded individuals and their girl/woman knows what she’s about. I’m delighted to be working with them and am enjoying the presentation format – the creativity and freedom is energizing.“

All 3 designers will host presentations on Saturday 19th September.

Words by Sofia Khan


Interview with MDMflow Creator

Earlier this month we came across the new must have in beauty cosmetics while trawling our instagram feed during lunch. MDMflow – named after the brand’s creator Florence Adepoju – is currently on everyone’s lips (literally) having recently featured in a slew of beauty lists and magazines. And the reason? Apart from the gold encasing and razor sharp names inspired by hip-hop’s greatest, each lipstick is handmade by Flow in her lab at home in Essex. The lipstick itself provides a luxurious pigmented colour without drying out the lips (a mainstay of most pigmented lipsticks) in supercharged shades. It is as if Flow has reached into the deepest darkest crevice of our minds and released a lipstick to match all the personalities within us.

We sat down with Florence for 5 minutes to hear more about her brand and her hip-hop influences.

Tell us a about your background. 

Florence Adepoju, 24 years old cosmetic scientist with a degree from the London College of Fashion. I’m obsessed with the beauty industry, street wear and fashion. Before starting MDMflow I worked in retail and marketing in the cosmetic industry since I was 17.

Why did you start the brand?

I was in my final year and everyone was looking for graduate roles. There was no one I really wanted to work for so I decided to do my own thing instead.

Tell us a little bit about how you make your products. 

I hand make my lipsticks in my lab at home, with my favourite hip hop tracks playing in the background to keep me working at a steady pace. I source my ingredients from the best European suppliers and have my own custom formula that I have perfected over the last two years.

When I create bespoke lipsticks I mix by eye so that the colours cannot be reproduced.

Hip-hop plays a massive part in your brand, especially your new mascara. At what point did you decide to combine your two love affairs? 

I’ve always been into the hip-hop aesthetic and felt the beauty industry lacking when it comes to alternative influences. I really wanted to make something that specifically catered for girls who are bold and expressive. A huge part of hip-hop is self-expression.

Photographed by Jendella

What song would you pair up with your lipstick shades?

Bossy  – Kelis (Bossy)

Sweet escape – Gwen Stefani (sweet escape)

Supreme – Angel haze (supreme)

Milkshake – Kelis (milkshake)

Pass that Dutch – Missy Elliott (V Dutch)

What’s your favourite product from your range?

My lipstick Supreme, the name really resonates and it was the first colour I created before I even had an actual collection.

Tell us a secret. 

I used to rap in my early teens, my mc name was Viperess/lady Viper

Flow, we not only thank you, but salute you with a rendition of Notorious B.I.G Hypnotise.

Words and Interview by Sofia Khan

Available to buy from www.thisisbeautymart.com

Aurora // Imagine One Tribe Series

When you hear Aurora’s voice, the angels will come calling. Turning sinners into saints, Aurora has a vocal range that will effect you physically. She is an ethereal creature who floated out of a novel and rested in your personal Neverland.

For someone who was born in 1996, she’s already won the prize for female role model last year in her native Norway. With whimsical subject matter, nymph beauty and a voice to transfix even the pessimists among us, we wanted to get further into the mind of Aurora, and asked the starlet to draw her happy place. What we got back is extraordinary. Aurora is an artist in every sense of the word:

Releasing her debut EP Running With The Wolves earlier this summer, Aurora has the power to spell-bind, not only with music, but in her fairy tale vision.

For more information on Aurora visit here


Curated by @elspethmerry

Baby-G turns 21

Yesterday we headed down to London’s Ace Hotel in Shoreditch for a celebration. We took to the hotel’s rooftop amidst cocktails, cupcakes and balloons galore, but one thing was certain: it wasn’t for your average birthday bash. Remember the Baby-G watches many of us went crazy for in the nineties? Well, Baby-G just turned 21.

To really mark the celebration, Baby-G teamed up with London’s Anti-Agency (an alternative model agency) on the Pretty Tough project, handpicking various young women who have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the creative industries. Included in the gang are photographer Francesca Jane Allen, illustrator Hattie Stewart, Kylie Griffiths editor of Vice UK as well as Claire Burman and Nellie Eden, founders of the collective BabyFace.

This collaboration between the iconic nineties watch model and the crew of Pretty Tough Girls has resulted in a colourful zine, as well as being in opportunity to support and celebrate this new generation of creatives. We’ll happily drink to that!

Cairobi // Imagine One Tribe Series

Psychedelic-dance-pop. Is that a thing? Multinational five-piece Cairobi have thought it into existence. When we first heard Zoraide, the summer tropics shone into our dingy London flat window. This is for folk who like to dip their toes delicately into the lake of GOAT, but take their feet out before they shrivel so they can dance away into the sunset.

Each band member’s differing places of birth surely play a part in the tribal beats. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea for Cairobi to draw something for the Imagine One Tribe series. Lead singer Giorgio Poti not only let us into his kaleidoscopic mind through illustration, but he offered some words. Draw what your music sounds like..

To give a visual description of our sound I have created a reflection of the Sun on water. The distortions (and multiplications) created by the frenetic movements of water, mixed with the luminosity of the Sun, result in something that is real and abstract at the same time. It’s a very detailed image, a different take on reality which only the unpredictability of chance could determine.

Watch the video for Perfect Strangers here:

New single “Gristly Words” is out now via Week of Wonders

For more information on Cairobi please visit: www.facebook.com/wearecairobi



#LoveIsLove with the Limited Edition Absolut Bottle

Ah, Absolut: responsible for many-a-good-times here at the 1883 office. So when we spotted the latest limited edition bottle on our desk this afternoon, we couldn’t help but feel a teeny bit excited.

But what’s so special about the new one? Well, alongside the new yes vote in USA as well as Ireland legalizing gay marriage and a stupendous Pride in London and NYC, the new limited edition Absolut bottle celebrates people who express their true selves through art, love or any other way. Full of pride and joy, the Absolut Colours bottle is sleeved with the iconic Gilbert Baker rainbow flag, which he created in 1978 as a message of solidarity, love and respect for diversity. This is celebration of love, identity and traversing boundaries regardless of who you are, what you do or where you are.

Afterall, #LoveIsLove

The Colours bottle is available at supermarkets nationwide, RRP £25.95.

Alexa Chung x AG Jeans AW15

Chances are you’re well aware of Alexa Chung x AG Jeans collaboration. The Double Denim, Americana vibes and easy breezy styling for SS15 were featured in nearly every single magazine we came across – and why not? Alexa embodies such a carefree attitude and simplicity that is so attuned to her style that you can’t help wanting her entire wardrobe.

For AW15, however, we find Alexa exuding a much more moody (and dare we say grown up) approach to her second collaboration with the denim brand. The collection focuses on day-to-night looks, with pieces made from decadent suede and silks to work perfectly with denim styles. So Alexa. And so damn right gorgeous…

“It’s an evolution”, says Chung of the AW15 collection. “The first collection was very focused and stripped back, I challenged myself to create an essential denim wardrobe. With the second collection it was more about exploring where else we could take it.” Texture variety is key, with rich suede and sumptuous corduroy in the mix with denim, chambray, and broken twill.

The collection will be available globally on July 23rd, 2015

Words by Sofia Khan

FORMATION // Imagine One Tribe Series

Illustration runs through the veins of South London twin brothers who make up Formation. Click onto their website and you’re greeted by a pink sketchbook. In the new world where slogans, memes, and inspirational-quote-fawning rule, Formation are holding the hammer.

First ushered to our attention with their tropical remix of Shura’s Indecision, Formation have brought back cow bells we thought got lost in a friendly fire ;). Dance, indie, dance.

With simplistic EP artwork that reads Life Goes On! and tunes that will leave you Hangin’, there was no better option than to get the sketching kings to draw a piece of their mind.. 

What does your reality look like?

Check out more from Formation here: www.frmtn.com