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Nailberry Launch L’Oxygéné Collection

If like us you suffer from weak, brittle and dry nails from keeping up with the superluxe nail trend and overdosing on acetone nail polish removers, then look no further then Nailberry.

Founded by French-born Sonia Hully in 2008, the brand were one of the first to offer a toxic free nail polish with the removal of Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and Camphor – the four ‘baddies’ as it were when it comes to promoting the growth of healthy nails.

But instead of stopping there after opening of her cult Knightsbridge salon where French je ne sais quois is met with New York efficiency, Hully went even further to give us manicure fiends a way to keep our talons painted in high pigmented colour all year around.

Incomes their revolutionary L’Oxygéné collection – the new speak for all things nail. The polishes offer something unseen of before with a breathable ‘skin’ that allows air and moisture to pass through the polish to result in healthier and happier nails. And if you thought a four-chemical free nail polish was extravagant, then you’ll be excited to learn that the L’Oxygéné alsointegrates UV filters to avoid discolouration of nails as well as avoiding the all to familiar sight of yellowing.

And while the beauty world are accustomed to new must have cosmetics, rarely do you find a product that does exactly what it says on the tin. One week of wearing the new L’Oxygéné polish and my nails still haven’t chipped (a rare occurrence taken the assault they get when I go for a swim) and are positively happy in their Candy Floss shade.

Buy them now for £14.50 from www.nailberry.co.uk

Words by Sofia Khan

Laura Doggett charms by candlelight at Shakespeare’s Globe

“There is a 15 minute break in between my performance because they need to clean the candles. They told me I couldn’t wear hairspray.”

There is something special about Laura Doggett’s one off show at the new Sam Wanamaker Playhouse – the miniature Shakespeare’s Globe. The wooden structure is lit only by candlelight, and there is an intermission, just in case a fire starts to burn. The possibility of a fire is almost an ode to Laura’s track Phoenix, as she sings, Your iridescent colours ignite the room, and I burn, I burn..Cradling the flame til the fire beds, pheonix gunna rise from the ash again.”

Adorned in a silver ball-gown, Laura commands the audience with her deep, alluring vocals, contrasted against her bashful persona, as she retells the delicate stories that spurred the song writing process.

After watching an interview with Laura, who says she wants to be known as a “classic female singer-songwriter” – performing under Shakespeare’s canopy is a good start.

Haunting and entrapping, Laura’s vocals and graceful storytelling create the perfect backdrop for old meets new in London’s most enchanting venue.

Watch Laura’s single “Old Faces” here:

For more information on Laura visit here

Words by Elspeth Merry

Whistles launch first Unisex Collaboration

Last year men could finally get their hands on some of the simple and timeless pieces that Whistles are synonymous with, and now the high street brand show no signs of stopping. Together with Stutterheim, Whistles are embarking on their first step into releasing unisex and collaborative pieces.

Jane Shepherdson, CEO of Whistles said that Stutterheim were chosen on the basis of their production of ‘the highest quality rain-wear [and] style that complements the Whistles aesthetic”.

Working closely with Stutterheim’s design team, Whistles have adapted the iconic ‘Stockholm’ coat, adding a graphic striped hem with a contrast hood facing and hang loop tying back to the stripes complete with bright white draw cords sourced from Japan. The raincoats are handmade using thick rubberized cotton and finished with double welded seams making the coats completely waterproof – perfect for the unpredictable British weather.

Available in store from March 2015

Price £235

An evening at CHRISTABEL’s

A cold January evening last week saw us head to a secret location in London’s N1 postcode for quite an unusual dinner party… it’s certainly not every day you get to feast on glittery popcorn or build sandcastles with your food. We talk to Christabel, the founder of CHRISTABEL’s pop-ups.

What’s your personal background?

I’ve always loved cooking and experimenting with weird, unusual flavour combinations. I got this from my mum who always tried not to replicate the same dish twice. 

What’s the story behind Christabel’s? How did the pop-ups start?

CHISTABEL’S started from a love of food, design and hosting. I’ve always really enjoyed putting on a themed evening and this I have translated into a business. It started with the Mad Hatters Brunches – a culmination of design, a love for collecting mismatched crockery … And the desire to surprise people with unusual combinations. From there my imagination went wild about all the culinary possibilities. In August this branched into the world of cocktails with the launch of our botanical bar (with its inbuilt herb garden).

All of the pop-up events are themed – where do you draw your inspiration from?

I come up with ideas at the strangest moments. For the ‘Edible Playground’ I saw a piece of Lego and thought about how great it would be to eat that. This then spiraled into a whole stream of ideas.

Your pop-ups aren’t just about the food – tell us a bit about the experience you create.

I like to create an experience that people wouldn’t otherwise be able to have. My aim is to create something wholly different. I find it baffling how many restaurants there are in London, so creating something that is so different is exciting. People leave CHRISTABEL’s having tried something new.

Why do you think the pop-up format has become so popular?

I think this is partly because there are just so many restaurants. The idea of playing with your food or being greeted with injections (cocktail injections!) sounds more intriguing and mysterious…and people love a bit of mystery. I love exploring new ways of experiencing food and I hope the ideas will continue to flow….

Find out more on Christabel’s website, including information on upcoming pop-ups.

adidas Originals presents: Superstar Girls

adidas Superstar: likely to be one of the formative or initial “trainer experience” for many, so iconic they are that in their simplicity they make a mark to transcend not only gender but generational constraints.

And to celebrate, adidas Originals have teamed up with pioneering and female only casting agency, Anti-Agency, to create a new girl gang for 2015; Superstar Girls.

Bringing together some of the UK’s finest female talents, including make-up and Hair by the Khalani Twins and photography by Olivia Richardson, adidas Originals x Anti-Agency have produced a series of stills to demonstrate the versatility of the Superstar, as well as showcasing a contemporary styling timeline. The female talents both in front and behind the camera nod at – as well as representative of – a new breed of young, fashion-focused female trend-setters. This is the Superstar, but not as we know it.

Available to buy now at https://www.adidas.co.uk RRP from £65

LCM AW15 – Day 4 – TIGER OF SWEDEN – Backstage

Photography by Asia Werbel


LCM AW15 – Day 4 – TOM FORD – Presentation

Photography by Asia Werbel


LCM AW15 – Day 4 – E.TAUTZ – Backstage

Photography by Asia Werbel


LCM AW15 – Day 4 – SANKUANZU presented by GQ China – Backstage

Photography by Asia Werbel


LCM AW15 – Day 3 – KTZ – Backstage

Photography by Asia Werbel


Lead AOFM Pro Groomer: Michelle Webb